AAPI Month 2022 Player Icon – Knockout City

Erin designed and created a player icon for Velan Studios as part of Knockout City celebrations of AAPI Month in 2022. Her contribution was inspired by Javanese dancers, a homage to her mother’s home island in Indonesia.


Caleb Widogast’s Bisexual Maelstrom
Erin created the character sprites, backgrounds, title screen, programming, and transcript edits/rewrites, and utilized licensed music and GUI.

CWBM is a not-for-profit linear fan made visual novel depicting scenes from Critical Role: Campaign 2: The Mighty Nein and imagines Caleb as a dating sim protagonist. It highlights some of the many choices Liam O’Brien made for Caleb’s platonic and romantic relationships throughout the campaign.

Out of respect to Critical Role’s policy on interactive games/downloadables, CWBM is no longer available to download but is viewable on YouTube.


Erin did the artwork and visual design on the visual novel Fragments, as well as a small portion of the writing.

You wake up alone in the woods with no memory of where your companions have gone. Find clues to help you piece together what happened.

Features 2 endings.

Made for the Toadhouse Visual Novel Game Jam!

Available on

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